Light Colour Changing Bow Hair Clips
Light Colour Changing Bow Hair Clips
Light Colour Changing Bow Hair Clips

Light Colour Changing Bow Hair Clips

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~ Light Colour Changing Bows ~
DESCRIPTION || These amazing leather style bows are LIGHT CHANGING! That's right, inside they are white, the moment you venture outside and have light directly on them, they change colour! It's MAGIC! 
Choose from the following:
1. Blue (Length 7.5 cm & Width 4 cm) 
2. Yellow (Length 6 cm & Width 5 cm)
3. Purple (Length 8 cm & Width 4 cm)
***Please remember that these bows need to be charged (so kept inside) in order for you to get a long life span out of the colour changing effect. Do not wear the bows outside in direct sunlight for more then five hours at a time as this may cause the changing colour effect to stop or require being inside. To assist with the durability and the effect lasting longer, it is best to keep the bows in the dark whilst not being worn, thank you***
Each bow is placed on a double prong alligator hair clip (4.5 cm) which is lined with a matching high quality grosgrain ribbon and contains a soft clear foam insert.
PLEASE NOTE || At checkout please leave in comments 'what side you would like your bow to open'. This will depend on your child's hair part. If no comment has been left then ALL bows (and other hair accessories) will be made to open on the left hand side.
Please ensure that your child is supervised and should not be allowed to play with these beautiful hair accessories or put them in their mouths. These gorgeous hair accessories are delicate and made with care for children and are NOT toys. We will NOT be held responsible for any misuse of our hair products and accessories.
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